essential oil basics

for the Woman on a Holistic Journey

Essential Oil Basics is a video series created especially for the Woman who is interested in learning about Essential Oils and doesn’t exactly know where to start.
It is my intention to give you a starting place, training and support as you begin your journey.


for the Woman on a Holistic Journey


Welcome & Introduction

Lesson 1: Getting Started

    • What do I need for the course?

Lesson 2: First Steps

    • Essential Oils – Why are they essential?
    • How do I use them?
    • What about Safety?
    • What is a Hot Oil?
    • What is a Carrier Oil?
    • What is a Diffuser?
    • Are they Regulated?
    • What kind to use?  Where to get?

Lesson 3: Benefits & Possibilities

    • Mind-Body Connection – Learn what “symptoms” mean
    • Mindfulness – Learn to “hear” your body
    • Mindset – Change the way you look at things
    • Manifest – Creating the life you want
    • Empowered Woman – doing Life & Work her way

Lesson 4: Falling in Love (with the Oils)

    • You had me at Hello
    • My Protectors
    • My Comfort Zone
    • I can Breathe again
    • The ways you Empower Me at home
    • The ways you help me fulfill my mission in the world

Enjoy your FREE Essential Oil Basics Video Series!

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