giving & receiving

Yes…that’s me over there

Let’s have some real talk for a little bit…


This work…that I do here…it’s my Soul’s work.

I received a Spiritual Calling & I am here to transform lives.  I don’t “clock out”. It’s not “for fun”, it’s not “a hobby”, it’s not “my job”.  My life is  dedicated to this mission 24/7/365, 100% of the time.  There is no turning back.

I don’t have a team (other than my Spiritual Team).

It’s just me.  Teaching, working with clients, typing, tech, creating, cleaning toilets, admin, management, marketing…all of it.

In an effort to meet my people where they are emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually, financially, geographically & learning style…AND fill my own cup, thrive, etc.  I have to be incredibly creative. does a Spiritual Being survive the Human experience?  It’s rather tricky…yet, doable.



No matter where you are on this journey, I want you to know YOU are enough AND so I am.

That means we do what we can, when we can.

That means…if I’m your Guide & you are here to learn from me…we will figure this out.

It also means that I cannot survive, thrive and fill my cup when I’m giving & not receiving (that’s overutilzing my masculine energy:  GIVING and underutilizing my feminine energy:  RECEIVING…It’s important you learn this too, regardless of your gender)


💜When you are able:💜


 Paying in full for services & my time

(This is essential.  I also have expenses & basic needs that require actual money)


💜When you are UNable:💜



You are Enough Option (reduced traditional rate)

Love Offerings (thoughtful gestures, gifts)

Energy Exchanges (exchange your work for services)

GROUP A:  You can watch for opportunities to utilize these.  For my Private 1:1 services, these options are only available in certain circumstances & determined after a confidential conversation & arrangement…not guaranteed)


💜When you are able:💜



Monetary Donations

GROUP B:  This is available at any time to anyone when you feel extra kind, receive something valuable, want to support my work or have utilized Non-Traditional Option A and CAN give a bit more)



 As you may have gathered, I am a heart centered Entrepreneur.  That means, I was called by Spirit/God to perform a mission during my Human experience and EVERYTHING comes from my heart.

I suffered A LOT of pain, loss and expense to get HERE.

On this journey, I have given from my heart and been taken advantage of…In other words, I gave away my time, knowledge, expertise and faced homelessness….in an attempt to be kind to others.

That’s a boundary issue….left over from years of trauma and co-dependency.  I’ve learned better.

On this life journey, it is ESSENTIAL that you do not OVER GIVE/UNDER GIVE or OVER RECEIVE/UNDER RECEIVE.  There is a balance here…that is life sustaining, not draining.

I have STRONG boundaries and HIGH integrity…as you begin to step into your bigger role, it will be essential for you to understand this too.

Thank you for tursting me enough to learn from me.

Thank you for valuing yourself enough to step into something bigger.

Thank you for honoring your people enough to stand in your light….as I do for you.  💜

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