You know how people get stuck on things in their life (or business) and cannot seem to find the help they need?

Sometimes, it’s really small things and sometimes, it’s really big things.

It can feel like you have tried everything, researched everything

and still cannot find anyone who “gets it”.  It is so Frustrating!

Your Holistic Alchemist & Change Maker

I offer answers and deep, transformative processes for turning the “lead” of challenges and obstacles into the “gold” of personal growth and empowerment.

Hi!  I’m Tammy.

Intuitive Transformational Strategy Coach & Educator

Your guide on the journey to unlocking your fullest potential.

 Fueled by a life rich in overcoming trauma, loss, and a profound spiritual awakening, I’m here to empower, motivate, inspire, and transform your life. With a Master’s in Counseling, expertise in Mind-Body Wellness, and a diverse background that spans from Federal Analyst to Yoga Teacher, I blend strategy, intuition, and holistic healing to help you break through barriers and light up the world with your greatness. Are you ready to discover the power of your own story?”


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HELP! I Don't Know What I need.

When you don’t know what you need or where to start, I would invite you to schedule an Exploring Options call with me.
During this call, we’ll discuss your needs and how I can support you on your journey.  

Having this time together, gives us the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better.  If we are a great fit, then we get to choose each other and I’ll help you decide the next step with me.

If we’re not a good fit, I’ll offer some suggestions of where to go next.

This free consultation lasts about an hour and there is no pressure or obligation to work with me.

Holistic Academy & Conscious Community (Coming Soon)

Embark on a transformative path within the Conscious Academy & Community. The Exploring Options call is your starting point, where we’ll delve into your needs and discuss how I can support you. Join our mailing list for updates on the launch.

Personalized 1:1 Sessions

My work includes many modalities including:  Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Nutrition, Yoga, Intuitive Readings (Cards, Oils, Toes), Essential Oils, Pampered Chef, Supplements and more).  Not everything is needed by each person.

As an Intuitive, I often rely on Spiritual guidance as a tool to help us determine where to get you the most help.

Experience customized support with my personalized 1:1 sessions. Whether you’re part of our Community or not, I have different options available.

In the Exploring Options call, I’ll provide more details on all my offerings to help you find the best fit.  


In addition to the other modalities I offer, I am also a Yoga Teacher.

In the online Academy, I will be teaching about Yoga at a deeper level.  I also offer small online Yoga classes for the person who is new to Yoga and would like to know more but feel a bit intimated by the process.

doTerra Essential Oils

I discovered doTERRA Essential Oils in 2014.  They were the first Essential Oil that I ever used and they created a profound transformation in my life.  There was never a need to try any other brand.  The oils are used in my work in a variety of ways.  

To learn more about the products and/or to purchase at wholesale, schedule an Essential Oil consultation with me.

To learn more about the product or to purchase at retail prices, click on my link below.

Tammy’s doTERRA retail website

Pampered Chef

When I am teaching about Holistic Nutrition, I may pair teachings with demonstrations that include Pampered Chef products.  As an Independent Consultant for Pampered Chef, I can also help you purchase products or host a party to earn free products.

Click below to go to my Pampered Chef website.  

Tammy’s Pampered Chef website

High Quality Supplements

If supplements are a good next step for you, it’s important that you know how to choose the best ingredients and a quality supplement that will work for you.

I have tried many and they are not made equally.

As part of our work together, you may have questions about supplements. 

I have an online dispensary where you can purchase high quality supplements (at a discount) and, I also have other companies I recommend.

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