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I AM Me is a VIP Intensive Self Discovery Program called UNboxing Your Authentic Self.  In our time together, you will experience deep Self Awareness and Healing.  The benefits of this Intensive program are unique to the invidual.  This offering is created for those who seek something beyond what that have been able to achieve through other traditional “mainstream” services.

In this program, your sessions are not timed and You are truly nurtured & supported…before, during and after are 12 intensive sessions.

I AM Discovering

I AM Discovering is a VIP Intensive Self Discovery Session.  In our time together, we will deep dive into the Mind-Body Connection which is the first of my Four Magical Pathways to Peace & Purpose.

In this offering, we will look into the clues that your body is giving through physical/emotional symptoms, diagnoses received, illnesses, diseases, injuries.

Your body gives clues to help you determine where your body is asking you to focus for deeper healing.  

I AM Enough

I AM Enough is a VIP Limited Session.  During our time together, we will focus on ONE area of life where you are challenged or stuck.

In this offering, we have an entry point to help you create a strategy or “next step”.  It was created for those people who are at a level 10 commitment, but not be able or ready for the Intensive options.

Unlike the Intensive “I AM Me” program or the “I AM Discovering” session that are untimed, the “I AM Enough” session is limited to ONE 90  minute session.  

I AM Awake

I AM Awake is Spiritual Mentorship. 

This offering was created for those who have gone through Spiritual Awakening and seeking guidance on their path.

This is only available to those who have Awakened and are in need of Spiritual or Business guidance.

ala carte services

(direct scheduling, no consultation needed)

Toe Reading (Discovery)

With this service, you will experience an introduction to Toe reading.  This is an honoring session between YOU (the Client) and Me (the Practitioner).  It takes place with me sitting at your feet, holding space for you and sharing with you the messages that your toes have about your past journey.  This is a Spirit guided session and questions felt from the toes assist you with Self-Awareness & Self- Discovery.

Toe Reading/Soul Coaching

This service begins with the Toe Reading (Discovery) and then moves into deeper levels of Soul Coaching.  During this session, I will sit at your feet and “listen” to the stories of your  toes and we will coach around what is discovered in the process.  This is a profound experience where the stories witnessed and heard from your toes show us areas from your past that may offer the secrets that are keeping you from moving forward in your current and future journey.  This session includes intuitively selected Aromatherapy and Sound healing specifically chosen for you.

Guided Meditation (Intro to Hypnotherapy)

This service is perfect for you if you are interested in a relaxing experience with guided meditation, healing/soothing music and aromatherapy.  This session is for relaxation.  It can also be used as an Intro to Hypnotherapy to give you an experience before beginning a Hypnotherapy program.  (You can ask any questions about Hypnotherapy that have had you concerned or nervous).

Rest & Reset Therapy

This service is for you if you are looking for a safe, quiet, relaxing space to rest & reset.

Many people have others living in the home or haven’t yet found a way to create a nurturing space in the home.  This option allows you to book the Transcendent Therapy room as a private space to “just be” without distraction.

classes & workshops

(Available only to Clients/Students of the Center.  Consultation or Service is required before attending)

Don’t wait to make the shift to a more holistic approach

My approach to your well-being & personal development is quite unique to you.  It was developed after years of pain struggle, so that I can help you so much faster. 

The work take you through a process of Natural, Energetic, Emotional & Spiritual Healing.

Every piece of what I do has meaning & purpose…including the logo.  Each symbol represents a part of your journey…ending with the butterfly in the middle to symbolize…TRANSFORMATION.

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