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A Conscious Community offering a Safe, Sacred, Non-Judgmental Virtual Space for those on a Spiritual Path
(Created by Tammy Coin)

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you can say YES to one or more of the following:

You are a Spiritual Seeker

You feel alone on your journey

You feel unsettled in your Soul

You feel disconnected from yourself

You feel you have received a Calling

You are interested in deep inner work

You are interested in a Holistic lifestyle

You are interested in a Conscious Community

You experienced Childhood Trauma & feel you are here to do more, be more

You are experiencing changes that have caused you to question the “Mainstream Matrix”


If you are a deep thinker who is not afraid to deep dive into where the journey leads you (even if you are scared).

You are committed to your own growth, being a light in the world and showing up as an empowering energy inside this community of deserving & like-minded Souls.

You are seeking a Spiritual space that is non-religious in nature where you feel safe and accepted.


Nobody knows my whole story.  They get bits & pieces of parts of stories.  Each individual story I share may or may not be any more traumatic or earth shattering than the next person.  The part that isn’t often seen is how many stories were happening within the same year or the same day…or even the same hour.  It wasn’t ONE of the years of my life…it was ALL the years of my life.

What is important to know is this…

There is nothing that you can bring that I have not been strengthened to handle.

I was Soul Strengthened to Guide those who are here to help the world.

Now…let’s get to it.

Things You Are willing to do...

  • Have an open minded
  • Have your camera on for the Meetup
  • Engage or Share in some way 
  • Ask for help
  • Be committed to your growth
  • Be responsible for the energy you bring into the group
  • Come with a beginner’s mind
  • Learn to be a Blended Being
  • Have trust in me to be your Guide & know that I’ve got you (as long as you are committed).

Things You cannot Do...

  • Quit on yourself
  • Bring Hate Speech
  • Bring Negative energy to the group
  • Complain
  • Judge
  • Harm members of the group


A like-minded Community to talk about all things Spiritual (From Deep Introspection with the Divine  to the Woo Woo and the Way Out Weird).

A small (virtual) space.  At present, the space will be limited to 11 Spiritual Seekers plus 1 Guide,  this will allow each person the opportunity to interact and be heard.

A space to share about your journey.  A space to ask questions without judgment.  A place to feel Connection and Connectedness.

A Conscious Community with a desire to be part of a solution in this world.  Especially when the solution starts with learning how to shine the light within you.

A Strong, Heart-Centered Guide who has walked a very difficult journey from Childhood trauma/abuse/grief through numerous Adult traumatic experiences through Spiritual Awakening and into Higher Purpose.

You are welcome here.

Come together with others on a deep inner journey of self reflection, change and bigger purpose

Imagine how cool it is to find others you can actually have a conversation with and who are delighted to hear your perspective, too!

In this space, you are safe.  You may speak about things that you are questionning, things that you fear, things that you want to change.

As your Guide, I hold safe, sacred space for the group.

So often this journey can feel like we are attempting to put a puzzle together and the box with the picture is gone,  maybe some pieces are missing.

Keep your eyes open, you may find a piece of your puzzle here.

Oh what a messy human experience this is…and then throw in a Spiritual experience that rocks your world.  It can feel like a tangled up, knotted, fractured mess.

Tune into your body and share what begins to untangle for you.


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