Tammy believes…

Level 10

When you are committed to your own healing at a level 10,
you help the world heal. (This is internal committment and may not yet be reflected on the outside.)


The bigger the holes you’ve climbed out of,
the bigger your purpose


Your worth is not measured by money.


In signs, synchronicities and Divine timing.


Every human has an emotional wound from childhood, that is impacting their adult life.


Your body is like a GPS system that gives clues to your emotional wounds.


Emotional triggers can be reduced or eliminated.


Your toes hold stories that can help your healing.


That leaps of faith are essential for growth.


UNboxing Your Authentic Self reveals gifts, starting with YOU.


UNboxing Your Authentic Self means…freedom.



What People Say

“Tammy is a powerful healer and because of all that she has been through serves as a safe space to process any and all feelings and emotions. When I thought I had no one else and felt alone…Tammy listened and provided different perspectives that I could not see in my darkness she was truly a lighthouse.  She is worth so much more than all the tools and resources she provides to help others at the price point she offers.”

Shonda L. - Maricopa, AZ

(Facebook Post)

“I came to Tammy with a very specific need for healing. Not only did she meet that need, but she surpassed all of my expectations. Every visit was personalized and tailored just for me. She makes you feel important-as if you are her only client. There are so many different facets to her healing abilities. I was amazed.”

Sandy G. - Moore, OK

(Google Review)

“Tammy is truly one of a kind. The work she does is so necessary and it has helped me to see who I truly am meant to be. These have been the best 90 days of my life. I feel my spiritual awakeness is here and manifesting daily.”

Ledora S. - Houston, TX

(Experience Form)

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