Being aware that you need help/support, is only one piece of the journey.  The next part is figuring out…WHO is the person or thing that will best benefit you.

Before choosing who you are going to work with, I find it helpful to get know the other person before making a selection.  Don’t you?

The Exploring Options call is a no presure, no obligation, Free Consultation call.  It was designed to help you determine who and what might be the best fit for you.  It might be me.  It might not be me.

In this call, we’ll spend about an hour together discussing your current challenges/needs.  We’ll also discuss what I offer.  Then we’ll have time for us both to ask questions.

I see my work is entering into a sacred relationship with the other person, and by the end of the call…together…we will determine if we’re a great match or not.

If not, I’ll do my best to offer suggestions to help you find the right person/thing to help you.

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