When you want insight into your life,

look down

your feet have answers!

Are you tired of feeling stuck in your life?

Tired of feeling like for every two steps forward, it feels like you go three steps back?

Does it feel like you have tried everything? 

Always searching for answers that never fit just right?

Somehow nothing quite helps you recognize if you are even on the right path?

I get it!  Several years ago, I was in a space just like that.  I had been through 30 years of Counseling, medications and a bunch of choices that just seemed to lead me in a circle.

Even when I was making progress in some areas of my life, I spent a lot of my time feeling like I was wading through quicksand!

When I would manage to make it out of the quicksand, I often felt like I was in limbo, suspended in mid air, not knowing which way to go.Then I was introduced to something that changed my life and the lives of those I’ve served, in the most amazing way!

Imagine if…

  • You began to see and honor yourself in a way that you haven’t been honored before?  (talk about Self Care!)
  • You could learn more about yourself, your journey and begin to finally understand Self Love.
  • You began to see and understand the hidden wounds that are keeping you from moving forward? 
  • You could recognize when you have created a healing shift by watching your own body make visible shifts.

And the best part?

There is no need for a diagnosis, prescriptions or any special equipment.  You have everything you need, with you all the time!

Toe Reading?!?!

I remember the day vividly!  I was starting classes at a new school and they asked me…

“Are you interested in Toe Reading classes?”

My reply went something like this… 

As I began to understand…

My reaction changed to something like this… 

The more I saw shifts in my body…

The more excited I became! 
I knew this was something I wanted to do for other people and so I became a Master Toe Reader.


When you learn to understand…

Your toes will reveal tales that they have longed to tell you.

They store fascinating tales just waiting to be heard.

The following demonstration shows a little insight

into the Communication toe!

Note:  After receiving the insight in the reading, this client revealed a childhood history of not feeling heard.  After becoming an adult, her communication style became aggressive in an effort to be heard.  Learning to and understand the tales in her toes, she began to start healing those old wounds and start speaking her truth in a way that felt empowering for her and not disempowering to those around her.  She now uses her built in compass (her toes) to help her know she is honoring herself and speaking her truth.

Why It’s Important…


You’ll learn to recognize hidden wounds that are ready for healing


You’ll become less self conscious 


You’ll become more self aware


You’ll learn to recognize patterns in your toes and why they matter


You’ll learn to read your body’s compass that helps you stay on track

Here’s what you can look forward to…

  • Learn the meaning of each of your toes
  • Learn the differences between your left foot and your right foot
  • Learn about the characteristics of the toes and how to understand them
  • Learn how to recognize when you have created a healing shift
  • Your toes have tales about your Destiny
  • Your toes have tales about how you Communicate
  • Your toes have tales about how you take Action (or hold back)
  • Your toes have tales about your Relationships
  • Your toes have tales about your Trust
  • Your toes have tales about your Abundance
  • Your toes have tales about your Beliefts

Why it’s unique…

This mini-course will take you on an experiential journey into deeper self discovery and self awareness without the need for a diagnosis or prescription.

You’ll learn things to help you uncover secrets about yourself in the privacy of your own home.

“When I experienced a Toe Reading with Tammy, I realized how long it had been since I had been touched.  The experience opened me up to not only learning more about myself, but also to diving deeper into Self love.”


Spring Fling Well-Living Intuitive Event, Oklahoma City, OK

This artist was so moved by her experience, she honored me by allowing me to select a gift for myself from her amazing artwork!


Visionary Artist

International Women's Summit, Phoenix, AZ

I watched my toes change dramatically in a weekend and continued to watch them change over the next 6 years.


Tammy Coin

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, Tempe, AZ

In this mini-course you’ll receive…

  • Entry into the Academy of Possibilities Student Portal
  • Your own unique login and password
  • 3 Mystery filled Modules
  • Lifetime access
  • Tools to help move the energy in your toes

Tammy holding space for a client during a Toe Reading

April 2017 – Oklahoma City, OK

Spring Fling Well Living &
Intuitive Celebration Event

(Client’s face blurred for their privacy)


Tammy Coin is a Master Toe Reader who has dedicated her life to serving others in a variety of ways.

She has sat at the feet of many Souls and feels it is a great honor to hold space for another human.

As a woman who has experienced a great deal of trauma,
Tammy believes that sitting at the feet of others, honors others like her in a way they haven’t often felt in their lives.

You’re in good hands.

Tammy has offered Toe Readings at:

Celebrate Your Life

Gifts and Graces

The International Women’s Summit

Psychic & Spirit Fairs

Women Grow

Private Clients

Tammy excited and ready for the

next person she will serve with a
Toe Reading

January 2019 – Phoenix, AZ

Women Grow Event

What’s the difference?

Toe Reading

Toe Reading is the modality.

Think of it as having an experience with a Toe Reader. 

With a Toe Reading, Tammy would sit at your feet and use her energy, intuition and skills to ask powerful questions about what she sees in your toes.

(An example:  Kind of like going to a Hair Stylist (or other professional) to get their services.  You are in their presence and feeling the benefit of their skills.)


Toe Tales

Toe Tales are the stories within your toes.

Think of it as receiving education that you can do on your own.

With Toe Tales, Tammy has created a mini-course to teach you about your toes and how to understand them.

(An example:  Kind of like going to a Hair Stylist (or other professional) and they teach you how to do your own hair.  You are getting the benefit of learning from their skills and expertise.)

Now, you can!

A little magical mystery tour into the stories of you!


you want more out of life, are seeking change and

willing to step deeper into your Self Discovery journey.

You’re ready to create changes in your life…

One toe at a time!

Something to consider

When you buy this mini-course you won’t have to…

be concerned about your pedicure.

be embarrased about your feet.

wonder why your toes do that thing.

Toe Tales

Isn’t it time you got a little “me time”?

You’ll have a whole new appreciation for the value of your toes.



This is a Self Discovery Course.

It is guaranteed that you will learn something new about your feet.

It is guaranteed that the more you know about how fascinating you really are,
the more you will will to know.

(In Self Healing, Self Discovery and Self Awareness, there are no money back guarantees.
The desire to dive deeper into who you are guarantees a shift in all that you are.)

Can I still take the course, if I have a toe injury?

Absolutely!  What you learn in this mini-course will help you understand the injury even more.

Will this help me better understand and work with the feet of my patients or clients?

It certainly can!  If you are someone who works with the body such as a Massage Therapist, a Physical Therapist, a Reflexologist, etc. this will give you insight that may assist you as you work with your clients.  

Do I need to have any knowledge of toe reading before I take the course?

Not at all!  There is nothing you need to know before taking the course.

Is this a one time thing or will I be able to use this knowledge over and over?

Great question!  As you begin to understand your toes, you will begin to understand the profound things that make you, you!  With that said, there is always a deeper level when you begin to explore the depths of who you are!

Will I learn anything that is going to upset or trigger me?

Doubtful.  This course is created to help you with Self Discovery and Self Awareness.  It is reflective, while staying in the present.  If you do need additional help, reach out to Tammy for a consultation.

I'm very busy! I don't know if I have time for this!

Completely understandable!  This course was designed with you in mind.  You don’t have to go anwhere.  You don’t have to be anywhere.  You don’t even have to get dressed!  This course will be available to you at your convenience.

Toe Tales

You will learn things here that will change the way you look at your feet.  It is quite possible that you will begin to understand yourself in a way that leads to seeing yourself through grateful eyes for all that you have walked through.


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