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Somebody said….”Tammy, just be you!”
and I said…”I’m not sure what that means!”

In May 2014, I moved to Phoenix, AZ with a new husband (#3) and two cats to take a promotion as a Federal Supervisor at the Phoenix VA. 

Within 5 months of arriving, my life began to spiral out of control. My daughter was 1000 miles away about to have my first grandchild.  I was working a job that I couldn’t stand and my new marriage was going through a series of challenges.

With a history of cPTSD, all of these things:  the new marriage, the move, the new state, the new job, feeling torn between my new move and the birth of my first grandchild, I began to feel as if I was coming undone.

In September 2014, I flew back to Oklahoma to be with my daughter and witness the birth of my new grandchild.

By October 2014, I had resigned my 20 year Federal career, with no savings, no plan and a few days later, my husband lost his job.

I flew back to Phoenix and we both started attending a Healing Arts school, while facing complete uncertainty.

While at that school, a teacher said “Tammy, Just Be You!” and I realized, I didn’t know how to do that.

Simultaneously, I was going through a Spiritual Awakening and yet, thought I was losing my mind.


I’m Tammy, a coach and teacher with a story deeply intertwined with trauma and loss. Each scar I carry bears witness to the toll it took on every facet of my life, from my physical and emotional health to relationships and beyond. There were times I felt trapped, frustrated, unable to regulate my emotions, making choices that deepened my wounds. For three decades, I searched for healing through traditional counseling, medications, and countless self-help avenues, but still, a haunting sense of disconnection persisted.

But life had other plans for me. I experienced a profound Spiritual Awakening that wasn’t just a moment of clarity—it was a clarion call. A mission emerged from the depths of my pain: to Inspire, Empower, Motivate, and facilitate Transformational healing in others using the stories of my life.


Today, after journeying through the other side of complex PTSD, I’ve found my Authentic Self. I now understand the language of my body and possess the tools to navigate life’s challenges without feeling lost. My background isn’t just limited to my personal experiences. My life’s path led me to acquire a Masters in Human Relations Counseling, certifications in Transformational Life Coaching, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition, and more. And while my credentials speak volumes, it’s my past life wisdom and present life education that truly set me apart.

As a mom, a Grammy, a former Federal Analyst, and a Private Investigator who’s adept at solving complex life puzzles, I know how it feels to seek love and understanding outside oneself, to stay in places or with people too long, or to feel lost amidst the noise of the world.

But remember this: Holistic Healing is possible. Personal Growth is attainable. And discovering your Authentic Self is the most Empowering and Transformational journey you’ll ever embark upon.

I’m here to guide you, especially if you’re burdened by unresolved childhood traumas. From awakening to embracing emotional shadows and unboxing the true you, I stand beside you, ensuring you overcome limiting beliefs, face fears, and unlock your vast potential. Why? Because I’ve been there. I’m not just “Trauma Informed”—I’m Trauma Survived, Trauma Lived, and Trauma Educated.

Together, let’s embark on a journey where you aren’t just healed but are also Inspired, Empowered, and Transformed into your best self. Remember, you are here for something greater, and in this safe, non-judgmental space, you’ll discover just that.

Learning how to UNbox my Authentic Self, and “just be me” was the greatest gift I have ever received! 



Tammy Coin


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I always look forward to my conversations with.... She is able to strike a unique balance of careful listening with sharing her wealth of experience and ideas.
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Coaching with... gave me more self-confidence & self-awareness about my passion. The coaching tools that I have learned gave me a more concrete path to go for my business.
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She offers amazing courses that helped me to grow and develop skills to better understand and help others. The kind of teaching the world certainly needs more of.
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