“Your Holistic Alchemist”

Helping You Change…
Pain into Possibilities and Possibilities into Purpose

Mind-Body Wellness Education
Transformational Coaching
Yoga Nidra
Beginner Yoga
Holistic Nutrition Coaching
Holobody Coaching
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
Intuitive & Strategic Guidance
Toe Reading
Essential Oil Wellness Advocate

Client Experiences

“Tammy Coin – you and your work don’t fit in a box.  You’re the box cutter…sent to let the rest of us out!”

Confidential ~ Moore, OK

“Tammy is truly one of a kind. The work she does is so necessary and it has helped me to see who I truly am meant to be. These have been the best 90 days of my life. I feel my spiritual awakeness is here and manifesting daily.”

Ledora S. ~ Houston, TX

“I had been experiencing stress in my life and when we were done I was so relaxed. I felt like I just had a full body massage.  I highly recommend Tammy if you are experiencing any pain, anxiety, stress or trauma and need relief.”

Debbie E. ~ Phoenix, AZ

“My biggest fear was that I couldn’t trust the people around me. That people were out to get me. That my relationship was going to hurt me. No, it didn’t come true. I learned that I was thinking too much into everything.  I’m super glad I choose you. I see life differently now, and I’m a lot happier! I have you to thank for that!”

Garrett H. ~ Lahoma, OK

Tammy is a powerful healer and because of all that she has been through serves as a safe space to process any and all feelings and emotions. When I thought I had no one else and felt alone…Tammy listened and provided different perspectives that I could not see in my darkness she was truly a lighthouse.  She is worth so much more than all the tools and resources she provides to help others.”

Shonda L. ~ Maricopa, AZ

“Tammy, I know what you are!  You are a Translator!  You translate between the the Spirit World and the Human world!”

Confidential ~ New York, NY

Getting Started

"UNboxing Your Authentic Self"

Free 5-Part Video series

Transform pain into possibility and live your purpose with our free 5-part video series, ‘UNboxing Your Authentic Self’. Start your journey to peace and purpose today!

Holistic Discovery

Free Consultation Zoom Call

Begin your journey of healing and growth with our complimentary Holistic Discovery consultation. Together, we’ll uncover if our paths align for a transformative partnership.

Coming Soon

Inner Alchemist Academy & Community

Discover the Inner Alchemist Academy, your gateway to transformative growth with a like-minded community. Secure your spot on the waitlist today to be part of this magical adventure, where we will explore sustainable paths to peace and purpose.

Hi!  I’m Tammy

Spiritual Coach & Educator

Your guide on the journey to unlocking your fullest potential and finding your purpose.

Fueled by a life rich in overcoming trauma, loss, and a profound spiritual awakening, Tammy Coin uses her journey to empower, motivate, inspire, and transform lives. With a Master’s in Counseling, expertise as a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner, Transformational Coach, Hypnotherapist, Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Author, Speaker, and a diverse background that spans from a Puzzle Solver to Private Investigator and from Federal Analyst to Toe Reader, she blends strategy, intuition, and holistic healing to help you break through barriers and light up the world with your greatness. Are you ready to discover the power of your own story?”

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