About tammy

There really isn’t a job title that fits me or what I do.  You might call me a “shape shifter”.  No, I do not have the ability to change my physical shape.  Rather, people who need me see me in different ways.  I have different titles and wear many hats.  What I do is bring forth the portion(s) of myself that match the needs of my clients and students.  (I’ve been called a Box Cutter, an Alchemist, a Translator, “Ask Jeeves”, Morpheus, a Coach, A Counselor, Dream Maker, Mad Hatter, “Other Worldly”, Shaman…there are so many others…none of which matter, as long as you get what YOU need).

I believe YOU are valuable.

I believe YOUR voice is needed.

I believe YOU are so much more than you have ever been shown.

I believe the deeper the holes you’ve climbed out of, the bigger your purpose.

From Shit Storm(s) to Soul Purpose, I can and will help you discover and create whatever you want…for YOU.

A little more about my journey

The road I’ve travelled has been long and I have been strengthened well.  I’ve learned to turn my pain into purpose.  I’ve learned to heal my mind and free my soul and I have learned how to UNbox my Authentic Self!

Professionally, I have worn many hats from emptying trash to managing an office, to Private Investigating, to Federal Analyst, to Federal Supervisor and more.

Educationally, I have a 60 hour Masters degree in Human Relations Counseling.  This includes three internships. (one with sexually abused girls and two working with adults with drug/alcohol offenses).  I was also training in Healing Arts with a Mind-Body Wellness Practitioner Diploma.  This includes certifications in Transformational Coaching, Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Holistic Nutrition Specialist.  I’m also a Master Toe Reader and Intuitive.

Personally, I have experienced Sexual, Physical and Emotional Abuse.  I have survived and healed multiple traumas (including tragic deaths, near deaths, multiple divorces, trauma from a strong connection to the Oklahoma City bombing and multiple near miss Oklahoma weather tragedies), multiple diagnoses and I made it to the other side of complex PTSD with virtually zero triggers, anymore.  (I still have some regarding Oklahoma weather).  I experienced over 30 years of traditional counseling and multiple medications.  Ultimately, I chose Self Mastery over Suicide.

It is my calling to empower, motivate, inspire and transform the lives of others, using the stories of my life.  I have worked incredibly hard to find a way to create “out of the box” options to meet my clients/students where they are Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually, Geographically, Financially and preferred learning style.  It is my honor and privilege to serve the people who need me.  Tammy Coin


Still have questions?

Although all questions are  best answered during an Exploring Options Call, sometimes, you may have something else that pops up.  For those, please send me an email.

P.S.:  Unscheduled phone calls are typically not accepted.  My work is intensive and I am dedicated to my clients/students.  There is no team, I work alone.  This means, I am unable to answer unscheduled phone calls from non clients/students.  Your email can come through 24/7 and I will answer as quickly as i can. (Usually within 24 hours)

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