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A Living, Breathing Masterpiece

This is a project for Tammy that will evolve as time allows.  Have a term that you’d like to see added?  (send an email to

Aliens – 

Astral Traveling – 

Astrology – This is another way to deeper dive into yourself & your journey.  To start, it’s based upon your date of birth, this gets you your Sung sign (the one most people know).  (It’s not something I teach in the deeper sense, but I can get you started to finding more about you.)  

Birth Story – 


c-PTSD – The “c” is for complex.  Meaning more than one.  See PTSD

Chakras – Invisible energetic “wheels” inside the body. When these are out of whack they can throw you off balance. There are many, many chakras. Primarily, we will focus on the main seven. You see these often displayed as round colored circles going up the middle of the body

Clairalience – Beyond the 5 senses, this is Clear Smelling.

Clauiraudient – Beyond the 5 senses, this is Clear Hearing.

Claircognizant – Beyond the 5 senses, this is Clear Knowing

Clairgustance – Beyond the 5 senses this is Clear Tasting.

Clairsentient – Beyond the 5 senses, this is Clear Sensing/Feeling

Clairvoyant – Beyond the 5 senses, this is Clear Seeing.

Coaching – A modality of work that takes the client from where they are now, to where they want to be. This is a forward movement approach. Along the way, unhealed wounds may surface for UNboxing & clearing.

Counseling – A modality of work that helps the client process unhealed wounds.

Dark Night of the Soul – A period of time that takes you through a very dark place. If you have experienced Depression, imagine that only dark and more challenging. In this space, you begin the transition from your “human life” into the life of your soul.

Depression – This term is used often. It can sometimes be used when someone is sad or in grief. Actual depression is a clinical diagnosis offered to people who have remained in this state for some time and have trouble finding joy in previous activities. In my work, I believe this is a state where a person is longing for a piece of themselves that was left in the past.

Divine Appointment – In my work, there are no accidents and there are no coincidences. When we cross paths, it is certain we have lessons for each other. One of us was sent to be the teacher. One of us was sent to be the sent. This roles may reverse throughout our time together.


Essential Oils – A compound that is extracted from plants to captures the essence of the plant (i.e. the scent. the flavor).  They changed my life…but BEWARE….they are not created equal & education is needed.  Quick Reference Guide

Guided Imagery – 

Guided Meditation

Guided Visualization



Manifest – 

Maserati – 

Meditation – This is a state of mind where you have cleared your mind and can hear messages from your higher self and/or God. In this place, you may find yourself experiencing a floating sensation.


Mindfulness – This is a type of meditation practice that can be done at anytime, anywhere. It is a concentrated focus that brings you into the exact present moment. You do not need a special place, clothes or anything else to practice mindfulness. You can add this practice to everything you do. As an example, think of your foot. Then think of your toe. Then move your attention to your toe. Then move your attention to how your toe feels against your sock or shoe. This is mindfulness.

Naturopath – 

Numerology – 

Oracle – 

Past Life – The idea that your soul has lived many, many times before.  Each life your soul has lived would be a past life.  In these past lives, your soul has learned many lessons.

Past Life Regression – This is a process done through hypnotherapy.  In this state, you will sit or lie quietly and be guided into a trance like state by the Hypnotherapist.  In this state, the Hypnotherapist will guide your subconscious to a place in the mind where you are able to recall details of the particular experiences from the life that you have traveled to.

Psychiatrist – This person is trained in medicine and is a medical doctor (MD).  They have a focus in behavior and chemical imbalance.  When you are experiencing mental/behavioral symptoms and prefer to use medication as a way of working with the condition, this type of doctor will prescribe the medication.

Psychologist – This person is trained in Psychology and has a doctorate degree (Ph.D).  They diagnose and treat mental/behavior disorders.  This type of Practitioner often consults with a Psychiatrist to determine best course of pharmaceutical treatment.

PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a Clinical Diagnosis from the Mental Health Professional.  This is often diagnosed after a single traumatic event.  It is often associated with Combat Veterans.  This diagnosis is often found with Children/Adults with Childhood trauma and other life threatening or perceived life threatening experiences.   

Raw Food Diet – This is a type of food preparation and lifestyle.  This type of food preparation is most often used by those with a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, yet can be beneficial for everyone.  When you choose to eat a partial or full diet of raw foods, they will be unprocessed, organic and mostly uncooked.  You’ll incorporate fresh, whole, unrefined, plant based foods into your lifestyle.  These include fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, nuts and seeds.  You consume these foods in their natural state and do not heat anything above 115°. 

Self Hypnosis


Shamanic Journey

Spirit Animal

Spirit Car – 

Spirit Guides – 

Spiritual Awakening






Woke – 


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